Crafting for Children – Ninja Turtles

Crafting is very useful in our everyday lives – but it is also developed from the early stages of our lives. You probably remember the very first time when you got LEGO stuff – or, as in my case, when you made your first sand-castle on the beach. As I have said, crafting is something that we learn from the early years of our lives and it is learned throughout the whole life. Kids are very smart, in spite of their “childish” behavior – we can often see how kids use various materials and things to build something that reminds them of something. They can develop their skills through crafting since it improves their thinking and intelligence, but coordination as well.

If you have children, there is one cool project that will give your children boost when it comes to crafting. It is very easy, and it doesn’t require a lot of material or tools that could, due to clumsiness, harm your children in any way. Yes, you can guess – ninja turtles! One of the best cartoons of all time! So let’s get started.
Material needed:

– Paper plates
– Coffee filters
– Paint (orange, blue, red, purple and green)
– Googly eyes
– Black marker
– Glue


he first step is to take paper plates and paint them green, with different variations of green color. In this way, your children will understand depth and shades, using different shades of the color. When children finish with this, put plates aside and let them dry, while they are painting coffee filters. The filters will be turtle’s masks – each color for each turtle.

After they finish with painting the filters, let them fold the filters in thirds and glue them with glue in order to fit perfectly. Now, when they add filters on plates, you can see the unbelievable resemblance to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The work is not done yet, but is almost done – as I have said, you cannot believe how fast we (and children) associate the colors and look with the turtles.

6087438_origNow, add two googly eyes to each mask – they add glue to the eyes and put them on the mask or put the glue on the mask and then glue eyes on the mask. Whatever way they choose, just make sure they glue it perfectly so it doesn’t fall off. After they finish with that, the next thing is to draw mouth/nose. That is where markers come. They have several options – just to draw a line that will present a mouth, or they can draw an oval shape and add (optionally) criss-cross lines. The choice is theirs, whatever they like. After they draw the mouth, they have successfully created TMNT!

This was very short and simple tutorial for children’s crafting, which requires no special tools for making a great presents, cool stuff or just practicing their crafting skills. In the beginning, you should give them very simple tasks and projects in order to encourage children to participate in group sessions. Later, when they master simple crafting, you can give them more complex projects.

Develop their crafting skills because in that way they will develop themselves in more confident and competent persons.