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  • Join us for Battle of the BulgeTM 2002, the eleventh round of JALMC's annual workplace exercise and weight loss competition scheduled to start in January of 2002

  • HR Computing - JALMC's Comprehensive Catalog of Affordable Software for Human Resource Management.

  • Dislocated workers - As employers continue to downsize in response to technology changes and growing competition we are helping workers in our area to update skills and conduct an effective job search.
    • Early Intervention - JALMC pioneered this technique to lessen the impact of business shut downs on employees.
    • Joint Labor-Management Committees - JALMC has pioneered the use of the joint labor-management committee to lessen the impact of shut downs or lay-offs in a unionized workplace.

  • Health care coalitions - For more than ten years we have been working with our local employers, unions and health care providers to develop fair and effective ways to manage health care costs.

  • Labor-management cooperation - For over twenty-five years, JALMC has been in the forefront of building labor management cooperation in the private and public sectors.
    • NLMA The National Labor Management Association (NLMA) promotes labor-management cooperation nation-wide through training, publications and networking.

  • Newsletters - We publish nationally circulated newsletters for people involved in human resources, safety, the labor movement and diversity in the workplace.
    • HR Fact Finder brings its readers capsulizations of the most timely human resource information from over one hundred publications.
    • Labor News Digest keeps people in the labor movement informed.
    • Managing Diversity brings its readers ideas and practical suggestions from the nation's top diversity experts on on how to manage the emerging diverse workforce.

  • Peer mediation - Using our background in labor-management cooperation, JALMC staff is training area students to resolve conflicts peacefully and constructively.
    • Learn more about how JALMC is helping Chautauqua county, N.Y schools reduce student conflict.
    • Links to peer mediation resources in the Internet.

  • Worksite wellness - We are helping employers to build and enhance their own wellness programs, operating community wide exercise contests and working with other agencies to help build healthier lives in our community.


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Where we are - Chautauqua County in western New York state - a great place to live, work and visit

Who we are - The Jamestown area Labor-Management Committee is a private not-for-profit corporation helping our community meet the challenges of today's workplace.

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