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Joint Labor-Management Committees Lessen the Impact of Business Closings and Permanent Layoffs

In situations where the layoff or business closure involves workers covered by a collective bargaining agreement, there are some unique opportunities as well as some unique challenges.


  • Pooling the efforts of Dislocated Workers program, Management and Labor into a single program with enhanced opportunities for affected employees.
  • Greater ability to enlist support form the community and all levels of government.
  • Greater program participation on the part of hourly workers.
  • Moderated economic impact on the community.


  • Outstanding contract issues related to employment termination, such as benefit continuation, severance, bumping/transfer rights.
  • Getting beyond "whose fault" the layoff or business closure is.
  • A history of bad labor relations, outstanding grievances, etc.
  • Rumors about plant re-opening, new owners, transfers to other locations and other misinformation.

Since 1972, JALMC has been working with labor and management to develop co-operative working relationships based on trust and open communication. Often, this has been done where the initial working relationship between the parties has become so antagonistic that the process must start with a series of separate meetings with each side.

Bringing its experience as third party facilitator to the site of a major layoff or business shutdown, JALMC has enabled labor and management to:

  • Re-open channels of communication to reach a fair and expeditious settlement of contract issues related to the closing.
  • Focus efforts on moving the affected workers into new employment or appropriate training with minimal delay.
  • Link supportive services in the community with the employees who need them.

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