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The workforce is changing dramatically. These changes are having profound effects on the way you manage your organization's human resources. To cite just a few statistics;

  • With 6 million fewer teenagers today than in 1980, and with more people leaving the workforce than entering it, worker shortages will continue to plague employers well into the next century.
  • Ethnic and racial minority populations are growing seven times faster than the white population.
  • In the next century, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics will outnumber Whites in the United States.
  • By the year 2000, 75% of new workforce entrants will be minorities and women.

To attract and retain good employees, employers have to hire and motivate minorities, women, and others different from the mainstream in age, appearance, physical ability, experience, and life-style. The old ways of managing a heterogeneous workforce simply won't work anymore. Managing Diversity will help you develop new ways to manage. Each month, some of the nation's top diversity experts will bring you ideas and practical suggestions about how to effectively manage the emerging new workforce.

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