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Peer Mediation

JALMC's Peer Mediation Program in Chautauqua County, N.Y. schools is starting its third year of operations this September. The program facilitates students' and school administrators' training and refresher courses. JALMC staff and board members serve as mentors to the peer mediators. Students learn critical thinking, problem solving, communication and conflict resolution skills.

Statistics indicate that peer mediation and student conflict resolution programs result in a reduction in violence, vandalism, chronic school absence and suspension, as well as an improved overall school climate.

Aside from the benefits to the students, teachers and parents, JALMC also sees peer mediation as a means of providing tomorrow's workforce the skills and ability to resolve conflict on their own. Thereby keeping the system free from static and more conducive to producing a quality product, whatever form it may take.

For more information, contact:

Ralph Letersky
Peer Mediation Program Coordinator
510 Central Avenue
Dunkirk, New York 14048

Phone : 716-366-1014
Fax: 716-366-1032
e-mail: ccrpjalm@netsync.net

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